Virtual photo album from my trip to Italy, continued

On September 15, I was pretty unhappy to leave Urbania, because I'd had a lot of fun and made some good friends there, and it was a really hard time to be alone because it was so soon after the September 11 attacks. After 2 days in Pesaro, I met up with Ben and we spent one afternoon in Florence, a night in Bologna at the home of his friend Barbara (a wonderful if slightly crazy woman), and a day in Venice (followed by another night in Bologna). Venice was beautiful.

I like this picture, and I'm pretty sure I took it in Venice.

Then I went to Roma by myself. By then I guess I was feeling a bit stronger, and I stayed in a hostel where I met lots of interesting people. I mostly wandered the city by myself, except for when Megan came and we spent the weekend together. But there were always people to talk to in the evenings or go out with if I felt like it. Anyway, this picture is of a bridge to Isola Tiberina, the only island in the river that goes through Rome.

Here's Megan at the train station, ready to leave. She was on her way back to Croatia. She is carrying everything she brought with her to spend a year there!

I went to the Forum on my last day in Rome. It was beautiful, and I wandered around it for ages. I also ran into both David Bianco and a Japanese woman named Mi from Scuola Italia! Quite a coincidence.

This photo is of course diagonally oriented, which means that I can't actually put it up facing the right direction, at least, not easily.

I left Rome (and Italy) quite reluctantly on 26 September. I spent 2 days (and nights) in London, where I stayed with Ian (the socialist magician) and Pam. While I was there I got to see both Ben and Dinah (separately), and I had dinner with Amber, a friend and dancer-colleague from San Diego who's studying theatre in London for a semester.

Then I spent nearly a week in Manchester, visiting my cousin Ruth. If you'd like to see the photos from that, go ahead.

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