Virtual photo album from my trip to Italy, continued

Between week 3 and week 4, Ben and I spent a weekend in Milano, where we stayed with Rob (really nice British guy who worked for a tech company in Milano, but he's also an artist). I discovered that Milano does in fact have some redeeming qualities. We were especially lucky to go to the top of the Duomo on a day with beautiful weather.

Here's a pretty roof garden, also in Milano. We walked a lot.

Before returning to Urbania, we had brunch. Of course, it wasn't called "brunch"--but anyway, here are Ben and Rob, deeply ensconced in conversation until I unfortunately distracted them with my camera.

During the fourth week at the language school, Ben and I convinced our whole class and the teacher to go out to the bar (Bruno's) one evening. This is Ken, of Ken and Joy, on the left, and Takuya on the right. Ken and Joy are an Australian couple with lots of... well, vivacity and character. Having them in class was a real pleasure, because Ken kept us all entertained and Joy kept Ken happy. Takuya is a Japanese high school student who is working on his R pronunciation.

Here is Joy, on the right, and David Bianco, an American currently living in southern California and organizing Elder Hostel programs.

And here we all are, the whole class. Starting on the left, and moving clockwise around the table, we have David the first (a British guy who worked for the same company Rob did, and who absolutely refused to speak Italian if he could possibly help it. He was also really nice about driving us places), Corinna (a truly gifted teacher and native of Urbania), me, Ben, David Bianco, Joy (whose face is mostly obscured), Ken, and Takuya. This is the beginning class, the 4th week. David Bianco joined us at the beginning of week 3, by which point we had lost Megan, and there were others who came in for one week or less at various points.

This is inside one of the classrooms, with Corinna hard at work correcting my Italian diary.

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