Nom Photos

by Hot

Members of the National Puzzlers' League have puzzle pseudonyms, aka "noms". The NPL Web site features a page of nom photos.

Here are instructions on how to post nom photos, should you be moved to do it yourself. You will need to log into the wiki, which requires a password, which you can get from treasurer(at)puzzlers(dot)org.

Before you start, you should reduce the size of the photo file you're uploading, so as to avoid overloading the server. So as to fit on the page, the width of the photo will be set to 320 pixels (landscape) or 240 pixels (portrait). Anything bigger is a waste.

  1. Go to the nom photos page. Click on Edit this Page.
  2. Click on the image icon, above the editing field. (The icon is directly to the left of the smiley face.) A new window opens.
  3. On the navigation pane on the left of the new window, expand krewe, by clicking on the + sign to its left. Then click on noms. That will get you to the right place. If you succeeded, the words :krewe:noms should appear at the top of the window.
  4. Click on Choose File. Find and select the image file in your computer. Enter "nom.jpg" for Upload as. (Use the actual nom -- no quotation marks. Make it all lower-case. If that filename already exists, make it "nom-2.jpg, or something else to distinguish it.)
  5. Click Upload. The image should appear in its alphabetical order position on the list below.
  6. The first line should start with ||, end with ||, and have a || near the middle. (This tells the wiki to have two cells in a table, with the || indicating the vertical lines.) If the right-hand cell does not have an image in it, skip to step 8 to put your own image in it.
  7. If the first line's right hand cell already has an image in it, copy the first line, and paste it at the very top of the page, making this the new first line.
  8. Add the nom references, or change the nom references in the pasted line to the nom in the photo you're uploading -- each nom appears twice. The first mention needs to match exactly the name of the image file you have uploaded, presumably "nom.jpg" or something close. Also enter the location where the photo was taken (if you know it), following the pattern of other photos where the location was indicated. Use 320 for landscape, 240 for portrait.
  9. Go back to the edit window, and click Save. Hopefully, the image is there!

If doing this is too much of a hassle, or if you need help, e-mail me. But really, it's easier than it seems, especially if you compare with solving an Uc rebus.