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by Kornbluh and Picciotto

What's missing from Group I is not what's missing from groups II, III, and IV. What's missing from Group II is not what's missing from groups I, III, and IV. And so on, and so forth. (Too bad about #29.)

What's not missing from any group is missing from both diagram and instructions.

Within a group, words follow words by diagram position, as usual.

3 words start with capitals.


Group I

1 Rash, bizarre dances
2 Giant, unfinished series: an idea that came later
3 Nastily harm Pa with a jar
4 Cat, mice, eating very little
5 I sling ax, cut up lei elements
6 Film's unfinished, we hear, but its meaning is the same
7 Anarchic art is gutted in elegant frame
8 Might be said by a cipher-breaker: "If blues is tepid, she plays music."
9 The last evil in a great many

Group III

19 Turk's neighbor, e.g., ignored syringe
20 Begin jogging, you'll see birds
21 Television is 50% of my reversion to older forms
22 Grips free throw in high school
23 Long weed found in the brine
24 Police young Connecticut counterfeiter
25 Spins, turns, hot like Don Quixote
26 Deli item: tender loving in New York, obviously
27 Ross, unfettered, flies

Group II

10 Majority had loot reorganized, then died
11 Molds mangle finger with no hesitation
12 Some land, back in North Dakota, is not shared
13 Desert growth organization for children, not men?
14 It alters dorm a lot, randomly
15 Spoke, holding directions for a strip
16 Cats place silver in containers
17 Saying "married" the most
18 Q and A: "Yacht's prow? In landing place."

Group IV

28 Stack LPs, jockey -what a farce
29 Bug someone such as George Eliot
30 Last chance to own yen
31 Fearless, Sylvester holds back recovery
32 Oddly, Saturn's got pens
33 Mostly calm, under rolled-up canvas, à la Blackbeard
34 Get hold of broken baton
35 Tennessee county (Southern) shows traces of color
36 Pastoral scene among hardy llamas