Some Happy People

Note: This list is intended as a short summary of the friends I have who are geeky enough to have a homepage. The exclusion of certain friends and roommates and their significant others is not meant to indicate that these people are not my friends, but rather, that they do not have a homepage. If you feel you belong here but are not included, please email me with the address of your homepage and you will be promptly added, unless, of course, I don't consider you my friend!

Further Note: This list is really embarrassingly out of date.


A Berkeley Friend


Someone I met in Oklahoma, but that's not my fault!

UCSD math-weirdos

A really cool no-longer-UCSD person in San Diego!

A hilarious musical duo you must check out:

My favorite place to shop:

I am a member of this wonderful organization:


A long distance phone company that supports progressive causes: