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This cryptic crossword was created for the San Diego convention of the National Puzzlers' League in 1992. Harth is the "nom de puzzle" of a two-person cryptic crossword construction team: Rebecca Kornbluh (Arachne) and Henri Picciotto (Hot.)

San Diego!

by Harth, Winter MW

17 diagram entries suffer from a disease. Which entries is revealed by the following symptoms: their clue has either a superfluous letter, or a missing letter. Those letters, read in order, will reveal the name of the disease.

Spacing in the clues of diseased words is sometimes incorrect. Enumerations are withheld. Two words are capitalized.


1 101, 109 bracketing a TV reporter's first scar
7 Tofu's catching quiet snake in cab nets
12 Suppresses brothers on prime time
13 "Shape-ism" is not OK with fellow sailors
14 Find drop of water in medicine
15 Contractor: one involved in durable remodeling
16 That's a laugh: you finally went ahead, getting carried away
17 Pompous - undo decay on the outside, decay on the inside
20 To demean wiggly worm
21 Unhappy with clenched fist, a miss stopped running around
27 Armed group's backwards goal: to have one ignited inside
28 Tent poles in baskets
30 GE con: tan's ultimate weapon for policeman
31 "That cat be saved, Sir Fred!" (See FM cable dropping leads.)
32 Sometime nom: QUAD-WRANGLE
33 Stubborn talk assumes flawed dub
34 Surprisingly, Diana lauds part of Spain
35 Cousteau is one feature in nature video from the East!


1 Group to follow in military craft, or die for refusal to obey
2 Eliot and Al's top (hyphenated)
3 Unhappy camper in devastated site uses the word
4 In revolutionary Mexico, mute Inca moves to purge
5 To bring into harmony, had most of fish inside
6 To once again go over first third of rehearsal: cash
8 Professional University Dean initially is arrogant
9 Pirate fish mostly eat phosphorus
10 For the second time, dispatch tear about either side of eyes
11 Not very subtle advantage: Henri's initial appearance in jail
18 Train bird: put article in stick
19 Crate: many a ritual fascist? (hyphenated)
22 Spider corral fenced by three-dimensional curve
23 A leader in name only: he'd fire a gun at random
24 Enormous job before aper
25 Silver found in swamp? It's an illusion
26 Gets on without head - with legs perhaps?
29 Man objects, in succession, hearing request - from what place?