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This cryptic crossword was published in the February 1992 issue of The Enigma, the monthly newsletter of the National Puzzlers' League. Harth is the "nom de puzzle" of a two-person cryptic crossword construction team: Rebecca Kornbluh (Arachne) and Henri Picciotto (Hot.)


by Harth, Winter MW

The clues are not given in diagram order, and the enumerations are missing.

26 letters have already been entered into the grid. They are ignored in the subsidiary parts of the clues.

One answer is a proper noun.

  1. An inspiration, not quite up to date
  2. Avoid work through abnormal ingenuity
  3. Bit of rind in lemon tea: different flavor
  4. Bring into harmony during Fat Tuesday
  5. Cat in Brooklyn lacking water
  6. Cats in rows
  7. Characteristic of spinning, taut tire
  8. Constructed spire to have a strong effect
  9. Corny game
  10. Earliest resort on Erie
  11. Enacted northward advances conspicuously
  12. GI holding odd bits of silk in elbow
  13. Give up garland? Yes
  14. Have wine, ignoring "College Hour" in bar
  15. He lacks firmness when set on perch, for example
  16. Illicit tripper's ways to a fix
  17. It sinks to the bottom in boiling steam
  1. Line drawn in peachy yellow
  2. Maul viciously, with a certain reluctance
  3. Near the ocean, start out with a seasick salt
  4. One thousand mortals swimming in whirlpool
  5. One who might say: "Excellent! Eat grain any old way!"
  6. Orient part of a simile
  7. Rise, somehow, with one whose goal is to go down
  8. Sea creature with chlorine in spilled liquid
  9. Sequester a red ant in back of sponge...
  10. ...set apart most of soap in it
  11. Singer without a head
  12. Singer without a large head
  13. Threatened to draw without fault
  14. Traveler never takes train
  15. Unit!
  16. With sheepish expression, reveal origin of extremely unimportant matter
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