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This cryptic crossword was published in the October, 1997 issue of The Enigma, the monthly newsletter of the National Puzzlers' League. Harth is the "nom de puzzle" of a two-person cryptic crossword construction team: Rebecca Kornbluh (Arachne) and Henri Picciotto (Hot.)


by Harth, Winter MW

Find the winning party, and how many votes it received (a ballot box is provided for your convenience.) There is one superfluous word per clue. The initials of these words, read in order, provide further help. All answers are in Merriam-Webster's Tenth Collegiate Dictionary, one is capitalized.



Final breakdown of votes: ________________


Winning party: ___________________



1. Hopeless runs, before round of electioneering --it's a way to bring light in
6. Catch a licensed veterinarian holding a cup
10. Elder member of college is eldest reader
11. Remove uniform near home
12. You sort of can have sex in Internet site
14. "Very much so," I answer heartlessly
15. Uncle never returns in large and Southern continent
16. Decisive move: reduce the amount allotted
18. Group of radical college kids without support nags establishment
19. Eye parts of maize units, without real plan
20. Five enemies yanked flowing beard
25. Terrible fear, then silence (not again!)
30. Court day not a disaster for station wagon
31. Weave anecdote into erotic ballet piece (two words)
32. Possessing a terminal, a boy working Netscape does a backup
34. Spies infiltrated (also disrupted) unfriendly terrorists
35. Victor, please realign leg when taking wrong turn
36. Note: set order is reversed --put on weight first (two words)
37. To change the traditional format, translate tersely
38. Competitor sent extremist rants, with no beginning and no end


1. Feelers from desperate people who don't want you to listen to certain things on the radio
2. Prevent diabolical rumor of regret and scorn (two words)
3. Courage is never, ever, wasted
4. Clue "cod" incorrectly, to hide meaning
5. Dancing reel in mist, overexerting limb we don't have
6. Cold (then hot) verbal commentary, involving many voices
7. Terribly bad sign: belly rash
8. Destroy alien saucer before an interruption
9. Hates trouble, removes challenges?
13. Net no inchworms in grass
16. Turns nonsense around to finish conversation
17. Heard idealist almost knee-deep in poverty
20. Old age follows victory in no time
21. Teenager in love roams aimlessly around old university
22. Powerful family heard to have hearty meal and wine
23. Fencing events end in knockout
24. Worked hard at removing weeds after threshing
26. Unusually sweet, loving insect
27. Stop now! No one makes lace upside-down
28. Fool revealing disastrous flaw in overnight success (hyphenated)
29. Pilot, having returned last month, fakes consent
33. Met's performance: fielding at first, overlooks pitch; each runner advances
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